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Art Commissions

We have worked on a variety of corporate, private and public art commissions. From impressive fused coloured glass windows for a Sikh Temple to glass art installations for the NHS. Each commission is uniquely created to enhance the environment and experience for the people that encounter it and is designed in collaboration with the client with an evaluation of their specific requirements.



Float Glass Design were chosen out of hundreds of applicants by Brighton & Hove City Council in association with The Arts Advisory Group and commissioned to design a glass feature for the 7m high wall in the entrance hall of the Audrey Emerton Medical School in Brighton.

Our response was to create "Homeostasis ", a series of interconnected glass discs, each with its representation of human cells at a molecular level, that cascade down the wall. Our intention was to reflect the nature of the work that the students at The Royal Sussex County Hospital would be conducting as they pursued their medical studies.

The glass discs range from 400mm to 1200mm in bespoke textured glass with detail in silver gilding and red enamel


"The Trust is most grateful for the time, effort and commitment that you gave to this wonderful piece of artwork which has truly created a wonderful image when entering the new Education Centre"
Lee M Soden, Director of Facilities & Capital Development NHS Trust, Brighton


The Gurdwara Sikh Temple in Kent is the largest temple of its kind in the UK. Float Glass Design was contracted by the architect Calfordseaden to design, create and install three huge bespoke coloured glass windows - one for each of the main prayer halls

Each window measuring an incredible 4.5m x 4.5m is comprised of 12 individual fused glass panels with the top 5 panels shaped to create the arch. The first window features rectangles and squares of aqua and blue radiating out from the central symbol of the Sikh religion. The second window depicts the folds of a silk turban wrapped around the El Onkar symbol meaning God is one .The design for the blue and yellow window originated from a drawing competition among the Sunday School children.


" We are really pleased with how Float Glass Design has designed and created these windows. They are truly impressive and a wonderful feature in the temple "
Teja Biring, Architect at Calford Seaden


The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton commissioned Float Glass Design to design and create a glass art installation in the new hospital pharmacy. The piece which is entitled Aspzido was made of two glass structures which were a representation of the chemical formulas of 2 well known drugs and are sited in the pharmacy waiting room.


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