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Custom Glass Design

In addition to our Textured Glass range we can produce bespoke textures and designs to create a truly stunning and original glass feature.

Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure - The Big Splash

This wet room is situated in the basement of this new build contemporary house in rural Hertfordshire. A floor to ceiling light shaft allows light in which filters through the bespoke textured glass to create a luxurious light wet room.

A huge splash of water wraps around the 4 panels of 10mm clear tint textured glass with a dynamic energy creating a stunning focal point for the downstairs gymnasium.

Meadow Design

The client wanted a glass wall to divide the bedroom from the bathroom to allow the light to pass through as there was no other light source. The textured glass wall with bespoke Meadow design offered both privacy and a decorative feature to this urban contemporary apartment.

10mm textured clear tint glass was used to compliment the soft green tones of the room and to achieve maximum light transmission.

Bespoke Glass Dividing Screen

This Textured Glass Dividing Screen was created for The Ladies Powder Room in The Grand Hotel, Brighton.

The stunning bespoke design referenced the Art Deco style oval mirrors and chandeliers and was cast in 10mm Low-iron tint with a dichroic detail that sparkles and glows in shades of pink, purple, turquoise and yellow.

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