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Gilded Glass

Gilded glass gives an elegant and decorative effect casting reflected light back into the space. Great for use in dark, intimate spaces or as a main focal point.

Gilded Glass Feature Wall

On this project we worked directly with the client who wanted to give the impression of a forest on a partition wall that separated the W.C and boiler room from the main living space in her modern apartment overlooking the Thames.

To achieve this we created a bespoke design of winter trees on 22 ct moon gold gilded glass which was backpainted in an aubergine colour and clad the wall and doors from floor to ceiling for a glamorous feature wall that perfectly complimented the contemporary interior and objets d'art.

Gilded Glass Kitchen Island

A super sleek elegant effect was achieved using gilded glass for this kitchen island in a luxury kitchen.

22carat moon gold was water-gilded onto the glass which had been template to clad the island unit.

Gilded Glass Wall cladding

For the intimate dressing room area of this waterside apartment, the back wall was clad in 22 ct moon gold gilded glass with a bespoke Chinoiserie style design with a rich red base to highlight the warm tones of the wood furniture.

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