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Textured Glass

Textured glass offers exciting possibilities as a design element in a wide range of architectural applications. It has the unique ability to perform as a decorative feature as well as a functional and structural building material. All our Textured glass is safety toughened and made to your specifications and suitable for a variety of applications.

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Why use Textured Glass?

Privacy / Obscurity

One of the main objectives for choosing Textured Glass is to create privacy and retain natural light transmittance.

People and objects behind the glass become visually blurred into vague shapes and blended colours making it a versatile building material for open plan living and working environments. Private spaces can be created using Textured Glass such as en-suite bathrooms and dressing rooms, allowing sunlight to penetrate while providing the necessary obscurity. Textured Glass is a clever solution for blocking unsightly exterior views but retaining maximum light transmission


Textured glass The beauty of textured glass lies in its glacial appearance. Light passes through illuminating the texture and appears to glow from within. The texture or pattern in the glass not only obscures from external viewing, but also lets plenty of natural light through the glass. The texture has an added effect of diffusing and softening the light in a space. It can create privacy that retains the feel of a light and open space.

Design Feature

From city centre offices to cathedrals and converted cattle sheds, the applications for architects and interior designers are only limited by your imagination. You can design your glass to suit your environment - Clean, sharp geometrics to complement the urban office interior; retro styling and industrial chic for restaurants and bars; fluid textures that look great in contemporary living spaces.


Textured Glass Partition Walls

Textured Glass Dividing Screens

Frameless Textured Glass Doors

Textured Glass Internal Glazing

Obscuring Textured Glass Windows

Textured Glass Shower Screens & Wet Rooms

Textured Glass Bar fronts

Textured Glass Light Boxes

Textured Glass Canopies

Textured Glass Signage

Textured Glass Tabletops

Textured Glass Shelving

Textured Glass sculpture & Artworks

Textured Glass Panels

How is Textured Glass made?

Textured Glass, also known as kiln-cast glass is made by laying sheet glass over hand-made moulds in our kilns, the kilns are then fired at super hot temperatures and the glass melts into the mould. When cool the glass panel is now textured with the pattern from the mould ( known as the Textured face ) and is smooth on the other side.

All our Textured glass can be safety toughened, notched, drilled etc and is available in large architectural panels

You can use these textures to add dimension that is playful with light and pleasing to the touch. Texture can help set a mood, from soothing to sophisticated, edgy to entertaining. If you are looking for your own design or logo to be customised onto the glass we can do that too.

Our Brighton factory is fitted with complete in-house production facilities for a variety of techniques which allows us to be flexible and responsive from design to production. In our showroom we carry the full range of designs and samples and welcome clients to come down and discuss their potential projects with us.

We have the capacity and capability to cater for large scale production runs, such as city centre office refurbishments, but are equally at home with producing a one-off art commission for a private residence or hospital environment.

Technical Specifications:

All our Textured Glass is safety toughened and can be produced in large architectural panels

  • Safety Toughened to meet British and EU standards
  • Creates obscurity/privacy with maximum light transmission
  • Available in 6 tints and a wide range of textures
  • Maximum Dimensions: 1220mmW x 3185mmH
  • Thicknesses available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
  • Compatible with all standard glazing fixings
  • Safety Treatment: Toughened Laminated Toughened & Laminated
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Additional options : Drill-holes, nothches, cut-outs, bending, double-glazed units, heat-soaking.

All our glass is made to measure to your specifications and meticulously quality checked before it leaves our building.

We are also on hand to talk through any technical / installation considerations and can supply you with the necessary fixtures & fittings for your project.

Go to our specifier to explore all the options available.