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Glass Bending

Float Glass Design can produce bent and curved textured glass for a variety of architectural applications such as partition screens, balustrades, shower screens, reception desks, doors and lighting. All our glass bends are safety laminated and created in house to your specifications. Choose any design from our RETRO GLASS Range or TEXTURED GLASS for your bending purposes.

Glass Lighting Bends in Retro LINEAR glass.

We have produced a variety of glass bends for lighting purposes in a race-track oval shape. shown here in LINEAR design from our RETRO RANGE

Bent or Curved Glass is available in sizes of up to 3000mm lenghth and 1220mm wide.

BUBBLE glass in bronze shown here in this curved glass cabinet

Further information can be found here on our TEXTURED GUIDELINES FOR GLASS BENDING

Curved glass sandblasted wall and doors

Go to our specifier to explore all the options available.